QUALITY - We conduct regular inspections to monitor the quality of services. Similarly, we are always seeking for new quality products: destinations, hotels, cruises, resorts, restaurants, etc.


ASSOCIATION – We never misrepresent any other organization or institution


QUALIFICATIONS AND PROFESSIONALISM - We only employ staff with appropriate qualifications. They are also engaged in continuing professional development with us.


PRIVACY - We will treat every customer transaction confidentially and not disclose any information without the consent of the customer, unless required by law.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST - We never compromise on interests of our Customers, with anyone (suppliers or partners) and under any circumstance.


COMPLIANCE - We respect all the laws of our country and the laws of any other country where we provide our services.



COOPERATION - We will cooperate with any investigation by an authorized body to settle any dispute between us and other stakeholders.


DISCLOSURE - We will provide all details required by the customer regarding terms and conditions of all services we offer. We also provice customer information required by suppliers. Please refer our Privacy Policy.


ACCURACY - We will provide factual and accurate information in any form whatsoever about our services and the services of a company or product that we represent. We never try to mislead you and harm our reputation eventually.


RESPONSE - We will respond to all customer requests and complaints within within 24 working hours, except weekends and holidays.


REIMBURSEMENT - We will make the refund as specified in the booking conditions for each specific case.


DELIVERY AND TRANSPARENCY - We will provide all the services as outlined in our program and our written confirmation. If there is any change, the customer will be informed promptly by our Operation Department. In case of service cancellation by suppliers, we will provide service replacements of equal or greater value or provide appropriate financial compensation.




CUSTOMER PROTECTION - We will use every effort to protect our customers against fraud, misrepresentation or unethical practices that may arise during the trip.


CHILDREN ABUSE - We will not provide or assist in the provision of any travel service that, to our knowledge, involves child abuse.


PROSTITUTION - We will not provide or assist in the provision of any service that involves human trafficking or exploitation of a person or community. We have all the authority to cancel the customer journey.


ANIMAL TRAFFICK - We will not provide or participate in the provision of any travel service which would involve an illegal trade of animals.


USE OF NARCOTIC DRUGS AND PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES - We will not provide or assist in the provision of any travel service, to our knowledge, is to be used for purposes involving the use of drugs or banned substances.