Today, seven out of 10 travelers are saying “Yes” to "Responsible Travel". Some may still think that it is just a "hippie" journey, a trip to value and thus more expensive, or a trip of little comfort. Responsible travel, that's not it.


Responsible travel is all about a "normal" journey, where the good times and the joy of discovery are synonymous with respect for natural and cultural heritage and the well-being of indigenous population. We are aware of the negative impacts that we may create while travelling and trying to minimize.


Responsible travel helps preserve natural and cultural heritage, eventually enriching our travel experience.

Asiatica Travel is committed to these issues and as travelers you can join us too:

- Transport: As Southeast Asia is a distant destination and you must take the plane to get there, head for a non stop journey because the stops are strongly emitting CO2. Also prefer an airline that is committed to responsible transportation.

- Language: Learn a few words of the local language and use them. It's convenient and it can connect with your host!

-Dress Code: Look at the local social codes and dress appropriately, especially in temples. In many countries, wear a simple outfit and do not highlight your valuables.

- Behavior: Be respectful of the privacy of local residents. Ask permission before entering sacred places, houses and private estates.

- Photos: Be aware when and where you take pictures / videos of people. Always ask for permission in advance

- Environment: Respect the natural environment. Never touch or harass the animals. Always stay within the marked trails. Contribute to conservation by paying entrance fees for parks and protected areas.
- Products from animals: Never buy crafts, clothing, objects or other products from the list of endangered species

- Pay a fair price: Do not take the game to an overly aggressive bargaining for local products and souvenirs. You may ask for a discount  around 5% to 10%, yet negotiate with a smile!
- The gift: If you want to give school supplies, children will love, but the best is to give to the teacher, because the individual donations can encourage begging! Similarly, prefer to buy locally, Similarly, prefer to buy locally, which helps operate the local economy and costs you less while making your bag lighter! Avoid giving sweets; children do not always have a toothbrush! As for drugs, prefer to give hospitals and clinics and keep in mind that many people in Asia are treatable with herbal plants.


- Respecting cultural heritage: Cultural heritage is unique and irreplaceable. Simple things like caressing the hand of a marble statue cause a disaster when they are repeated thousands of times!

And make sure read our section on the dos and donts for good social manner that will give you ways to respect the local customs and practices. Take a trip, go to meet others to share and exchange in culture that is a fantastic way to get new and lasting memories.