Asiatica Travel aims to develop premium tours and services that bring travellers authentic and delightful experience of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. At the same time, we contribute to sustainable development of local communities. We also strive to involve our suppliers and customers in adapting the responsible tourism approach.



Economic responsibilities
- We employ local guides for all short visits and whenever possible for long trips throughout Vietnam & Indochina
- We encourage our suppliers to employ local people and give preference to those following the same principle
- We encourage travellers to buy food, drinks, souvenirs, etc produced by locals and instruct them how to bargain a fair price for both sides
- We invest in economic projects that fulfil our criteria for sustainable development and local income or job-generating potentials

Environmental responsibilities
- We minimize the use of energy, water, paper, etc and say no to disposable products whenever possible. We run a quarterly “green” competition between our offices and reward those with lowest electricity, water & paper consumptions per head (called “green index”). We also reuse one-side printed paper
- We instruct travellers to follow visiting regulations of national parks, natural reserve or any other site of conservational effort
- We advise travellers not to purchase any product related to endangered species and to collect their trash and put in right place during tours
- We take an active part in environmental campaigns, especially road shows, walkathons & marathons (Hanoi Millennium Cycling 2010, Hanoi Green Walk 2011, etc)

Social responsibilities
- We encourage travellers to respect local culture and integrate into local life. By showing utmost respect and effort to learn about local customs, traditions and practices, guests will also get the best treatment from host communities.
- We provide equal job opportunities and profit sharing scheme, and give priority to those with disabilities in several positions
- We spend a part of our profit to invest in or take our own initiatives in social innovations and community development
- We encourage our partners & travellers to join our actions for local community advancement and environmental conservation

Our responsibilities to customers

- We provide travellers with correct and comprehensive pre-trip information regarding social & political conditions of destinations
- We choose destinations and suppliers very carefully so that travellers can be immersed in authentic natural & cultural settings of the host communities
- We advise travellers to respect local ways of life, dress properly upon visiting religious sites and ask for permission to shoot a photo or to enter a local private property
- We encourage travellers to purchase products made by locals at a fair price and discourage travellers from giving them money
- We notify travellers to follow visiting regulations of every natural and cultural heritage site
- We encourage travellers to minimize use of water and reduce waste (using low-flow shower scheme, using rainwater for proper purposes, buying & using products that can be recycled, donating unwanted items instead of throwing away, etc)