The trips after trips, for the members of the Asiatica Foundation, each program, each destination brings different joys and emotions. And the meeting at Ninh Binh Social Protection Center and Ki Vy Pagoda brought unforgettable memories to the Asiatica Community Support Team.

In the early morning of January 4 2019, the members of the group gathered to prepare for the departure. The first destination is Ninh Binh Social Protection Center located in Ninh Phong Commune, Ninh Binh Town, Ninh Binh Province. This is the home of more than 40 elderly people and 85 disabled and helpless children.

Supporting Items:


People Gifts

24 disabled people                 

Snack + wool scarf, beanie, socks   

40 elderly people

Blanket + Milk  + wool scarf, beanie, socks   

1 infant

Winter Clothes

20 children

Snack+ Milk + wool scarf, beanie, socks 






Wishing to help the elderly and children at the Center to have a warmer winter and welcome the early days of the year in a happy atmosphere, Asiatica not only brings material gifts but also meaningful mental gift. The members of the Community Support team also prepared special performances to bring joy to elderly people here.



After the meeting, members of the Asiatica Foundation also visit to each room to talk and learn about daily living conditions and bring gifts to each person.

At 10:30, leaving the Center, we set off for the second destination: Ky Vy Pagoda. Asiatica, in a conversation with the monk Thich Nguyen Hanh, who directly nurtured two children at the pagoda, had an opportunity to understand more about their situation. Here, the Asiatica Foundation also gave the children a backpack and ascholarship of 500,000 VND to encourage them to strive to study.


Although only a short trip but it is filled with emotions. We hope that the small gifts from Asiatica Foundation have brought a lot of joy and hope to the elderly, children in Ninh Binh.