On October 23rd 2019, Asiatica Foundation visited Duc Quang Shelter, located in the grounds of Van Duc Pagoda in Ben Tre Province. The pagoda is situated in a small village named Long An, under Long Hoa commune, Binh Dai district. Asiatica found this shelter during the tours in Vietnam we operated in Ben Tre.

At the moment, Duc Quang Shelter is home to 116 children from babies to teenagers under 16 years old, taken care by the monks. Most of the children are orphans or disabled. Some of them were left in front of the door of Van Duc pagoda, whereas others were taken to the pagoda by relatives after their parents passed away.



With the desire to help the children in Duc Quang Shelter, Asiatica Foundation brought not only material gifts, but also spiritual motivation. While giving presents to the kids, we encouraged them to talk, share, play and even sing together.




Spending the whole day with the children, we, the members of Asiatica Foundation felt the warmth, peace and sincere love thanks to the monks, the nuns and the nannies in the shelter. The sound of children playing, calling visitors as daddy, mommy, mixed with the crying of newborns makes this place a real small home, reliving less fortunate lives. The visit to Duc Quang Shelter has brought us unforgettable memories.