Hoi An

Mirrored in the poetic Thu Bon River, the little postcard-setting Hoi An is perhaps the most beautiful old town in Vietnam. Not as majestic as Hue or flamboyant as Cho Lon in Saigon, Hoi An with its gentle grace is a big surprise to any jaded mind. Its quiet lanes lighted with lanterns, sleeping old houses and dazzling riverfront restaurants, carry an echo of history and charm.

Hoi An is the first place to record the economic and cultural exchange of Vietnam with the outside world. Its architecture features a perfect blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese styles. Even westerners will find something familiar while wandering around its historical streets that Marco polo once passed, And despite a more-than-ever amount of tourists, Hoi An remains a “lost in the time” peaceful town with magical beauty that has survived through all ravages of wars and time.


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