Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay (literally “Bay of Descending Dragon”) is a must-see for any visitor to Vietnam. Proudly being recognized twice as a World Heritage Site, Halong features thousands of limestone islands dotting a spectacular seascape.  Some middle islets are also home to amazing grottos and pristine beaches with emerald and calm water.


The formation of Halong archipelago is yet to be revealed. Legend has it that long time ago, Vietnam was frequently attacked by invaders from the sea.  One time when the enemy approached the coast, a giant dragon suddenly appeared to help Vietnamese people chase them away. She threw fire into the invaders and created a wall of mountains on the sea to protect the country. The islands we see in Halong Bay now are remaining parts of this magical wall.


Now, you can truly live the legend. Grab a paddle to go kayaking in the pristine bay or simply take a leisure cruise trip around its magnificent settings. Of course, you can savor Halong splendor within one morning but it is much more fascinating to enjoy a stunning sunset or a starry night on decks of an elegant junk.





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