Muang Sing

Located in the northeastern of Laos, in Luang Nam Tha province, Muang Sing has long been a popular destination for tourists. Being influenced by the architecture of Chinese, Myanmar, Thai Lu and even French, there are still many colonial buildings, old garrison, museum....
Several ethnic groups inhabiting the region contribute to Muang Sing unique cultural mosaic. We can mention here some name like the Akha, Lolo, Lanten, Thai Dam, Thai Lu, and Hmong...
Here in Muang Sing, opium is sold in the public as a commodity. As night falls, you can see people, especially the minorities, come and offer you this substance. Even during day time, travelers are advised to take some by women in traditional costumes.
Another must see in Muang Sing is the lively and colorful temple - the Xieng Tung Stupa, the most important stupa in Muang Sing. It is said to contain the Adam's apple of Buddha.

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