Vieng Xai

Vieng Xai (Vieng Xay or Vieng Sai) is an important tourist site of Hua Phan Province, about 30km from Sam Neua and 55km from the common border with Vietnam. Visiting there, tourists are fascinated with its beautiful natural scenery which consists of artificial lakes surrounded by limestone cliffs and numerous caves protecting the Revolutionary Communist officers during the Second World War.
These caves are known as the most attractive point of Vieng Xai, creating valuable historical values to the area. A real life was created under the ground in these 48 caves, providing living places for 23,000 people in 10 years. Even cities are form with all necessary equipment: a theater, a hospital, printers, schools, restaurant, meeting rooms...
Vieng Xai was one of the most bombed areas during the war time but later on, everything was restored.  Once you get there, you will meet hospital villagers welcoming you with a big smile and you will have chance to integrate in their daily life. A promising trip!


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