Spirituality, beauty and serenity. Nicknamed the "Island of the Gods", welcome to a real earthly paradise.

Being the jewel of Indonesia, Bali attracts travellers as much for its natural beauty as for its sacred and cultural vestiges. Religion is part of the daily life of these inhabitants where Hinduism is the most present religion.

1. General presentation of Bali

The most touristic island of Indonesia, famous for its beauty between green landscapes and diving and surfing spots. The island has many beaches and rice fields but also two volcanoes: Mount Batur and Mount Agung as well as lakes.


2. About Bali

Bali has the particularity of being the only island in Western Indonesia where the population has not abandoned Hinduism for a monotheistic religion. 93% of Balinese people declare themselves Hinduists.


3. When to go to Bali

- Dry season: from May to October. It doesn't prevent a few rainy days here and there. Avoid the hordes of tourists by preferring Bali in May, September or October. That said, you won't be alone.

- Rainy season: November to April.


4. What to do in Bali?

Bukit Peninsula, Ubud, Mount Batur, Lake Bratan, Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan Island, Sidemen, Mount Agung, Amed, Tampaxiring, Jatiluwih, Munduk, Nusa Penida and Lembongan.

- The beaches of Bali

From Tuban to Echo Beach: Stretching 12 km northeast from the airport to Pererenan Beach, this is the beach that has made the island of Bali famous. This multifaceted playground will seduce a wide audience: surfers, families, trendy, solitary, party people...

Beaches of Bukit: many cliffs on the west coast of the Bukit peninsula shelter small creeks of white sand. Reaching these beaches can be difficult but the view of the surf spots and small bamboo warungs and water is sublime.

East coast beaches: this vast crescent of volcanic black sand from the slopes of GunnungAgung stretches from the north of Sanur along the entire east coast of Bali. Some beaches are deserted, others frequented by surfers. But there are many more where you can discover temples and authentic slices of Balinese life.

Beaches of the Gili Islands: Whether Trawangan, Meno or Air, the coastline of the Gili Islands is fringed with beautiful beaches. You will be able to survey them, snorkel or simply laze around.


5. Transportation in Bali

Public transport is Bali's black spot. Indeed, on such a touristically developed island, public transport is very unreliable. Moreover, bemos and taxis often have exotic prices! And since the opening of credit, everyone owns a scooter or a car. As a result, public transport is becoming scarcer and road traffic is constantly increasing. It's hell, and you can't park or even drive around... Average speed by car: 13 km/h! Even the toll highway between Sanur and Nusa Dua is unable to stem the traffic jams.

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