Flores - Komodo

1.  About Flores Island

360 kilometers long and part of the small islands of the Sound, the island is famous for the Kelimutu crater, its 3 colorful lakes and for the legendary small island nearby: Komodo. Volcanoes, a fauna and flora rich in surprises and exceptional seabed await you.


2.Komodo National Park

It is a national park located in the Sunda Islands, comprising three large islands: Komodo, Padar, Rinca and 26 small islands. This place is the homeland of more than 1,800 Komodo dragons. The island of Komodo is not only a place to see the famous Komodo dragons, but also a great diving spot.


3. What to visit on Florès Island?

Komodo dragons, colorful Kelimutu lakes, Kanawa corals, Rinca Park, Labuan Bajo, Bajawa, WaeRebo, Ruteng.


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