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Experiences with Asiatica's exclusive products  as: meal, local house, destinations, that only we can organize.

Phare Circus Show in Siem Reap Phare Circus Show in Siem Reap

The shows consist of impressive acrobatics, theatre, dance, and music composed and performed by the musicians of Phare

Meetings & tastings Bike Tour Meetings & tastings Bike Tour

There was no better immersion than meeting the inhabitants and tasting local specialties

Tuol Sleng Tuol Sleng

A school turned prison. A prison that became death camps. A camp turned into a museum.

Phare Circus Battambang Phare Circus Battambang

Phare Ponleu Selpak gives and facilitates access to school, arts and artistic training to the children and young adults.

Bamboo Train Bamboo Train

Battambang, a small town in western Cambodia, has long been famous for its famous "bamboo trains"

Apopo Apopo

APOPO trains rats to slowly ensure the safety of country roads.

Theam's House Theam

Designed by Cambodian artist-designer Lim Muy Theam, this private gallery is simply one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia

Tuk Tuk Tour in Siem Reap Tuk Tuk Tour in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the former capital of Khmer Empire, which dominated a half of southeast Asia in medieval. It is famous for hundreds historic temples 

A day to discover Tonle Sap A day to discover Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap, in the local language, means Great River from Fresh Source, which is a combine of lake and river system and is one of the most famous travel spots in Cambodia.

Local Desserts at Old Market Local Desserts at Old Market

Cambodian cuisine has many treasures to delight the taste buds.

SalaBai Hotel School SalaBai Hotel School

Through a gourmet meal, our travellers contribute to financing a student's school fees.

Green Home Green Home

Come and spend a morning with a family to experience life in the countryside and learn authentic recipes.