Meals at home are not only significant for Vietnamese but also for every family  around the world. Dinner is always the happiest  and warmest time of the day when you leave all worries behind to enjoy the meal with your dears. Normally, Vietnamese people only invite distinguished guests or best friends to their dinner.



In return for the love of our customers, great friends of Asiatica, we have created a special activity named "Dinner with us". This is an exclusive activity only crafted for Asiatica's customers and more specifically, it is held at the family of a travel consultant of Asiatica Travel.


1. Where is Helen’s home?
Home of Mrs. Helen, a travel consultant at Asiatica Travel, is where we places our trust to organize a cozy dinner for you. Helen's house is located in Tay Ho District, 20 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes by car from Hanoi’s Old Quarter, next to a small market and an old temple. The rhythm of life in this area is quite peaceful but also very colorful.
2. Who is the Master Chef?
Mrs. Helen's husband, Mr. Duong is a chef in a 5-star resort. After working at the resort, Mr. Duong is always willing to join his wife to prepare dinner to welcome the dear guests. He can prepare and cook classic Vietnamese-style dishes which is not only attractive but also delicious. Moreover, he can also teach you how to make some basic Vietnamese plates.
3. How to enjoy the meal?
To enjoy the dinner,  you can choose to sit right on the floor, which is the Vietnames traditional way, or enjoy dinner on table if you want. After the meal, you can talk to Helen and her mother to understand more about life in Vietnam or also meet her cute son.
This is really a meaningful gift that Asiatica want to offer to our lovely guests. Please contact the tour consultant immediately to enjoy this special activity.