Often, travelers discover the cultural and historical aspect of a city in a structured way. And the time allocated to gastronomy is, unfortunately, conflicting with the time for meals. So why not do both at the same time? 

So we decided to help you discover the Old Quarter from a gastronomic point of view, like a local, through an original food tour over the 36 guild streets. 

From sweet to salty, from hot to iced, from fondant to crispy, from food to beverages, the traveler will have the pleasure of experiencing local gastronomy through a wide range of food stalls that are loved by locals.



Hanoi, the cradle of Vietnamese gastronomy


Hanoi is full of secret places on every corner, even in a destination as busy as the Old Quarter. 1000 years old, its history is also rich in tasty and sought-after cuisine.


Exploration through flavors and scents


Through this tour (around 2h45mins), the traveler will discover specialties of the North such as bun cha, local beer,Vietnamese rice ravioli, etc., and above all, you can have a broad view on local trades & crafts. Going through traffic may seem rough at first but this will become much more simple once the tour is completed and you learned the tips for crossing the road.


The benefits of a street food tour


An exclusive activity created by Asiatica

Discover the old quarter of Hanoi & its 36 guild streets.

Enjoy the real cuisine flavors of Hanoi that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

Allows you to adapt to the rules of Vietnamese life to start your journey