Called "nón lá" in Vietnamese, this is the traditional hat, used from North to South, without distinction of social positions, rich or poor, young or old ...

Inseparable from the image of Vietnamese women, it is used to protect them from the sun in the fields, or simply as a fan for the children during hot summer days.
A simple item with technical confection
With a basic bamboo structure which attached with fine leaves, everything must be done by hand. There are two main steps that each contain a lot of secondary work. Discovering these secrets and making your own conical hat at a private workshop with a craftsman is the driving force behind this new experience. 
A unique woman for a unique job
Among the multitude of real & fake conical hat manufacturers, we have found a rare pearl. We take our travelers home with us to attend a course and enjoy a special time with an exceptional woman who is striving to keep her art alive. 
For whom? 
There is no need to be professional. This activity is suitable for all travelers
For those who wish to create their own souvenir to bring back home

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