A favorite destination in Hue

Being an ancient village located at the edge of the Perfume River, just 7km from the center of the city Hue, Thuy Bieu is a natural and cultural treasure intact and truly authentic. This village includes 7 hamlets including Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan are the most beautiful. The inhabitants live from rice cultivation, gardening and the manufacture of handicrafts.
Several people call Thuy Bieu as the "green village" because the green color dominating every corner of this village: trees, vegetable plantations, fruit-bearings and even small houses hidden in the gardens, under the shadow of trees.



Yet Thuy Bieu is most often called " Thanh Tra Village " by its Thanh Tra gardens, a kind of local grapefruit with a very special taste. Formerly, this fruit is only offered to Kings and Royal Families. The grapefruit trees along the river are sumptuously adorned with pure white flowers, creating a romantic scene that no doubt will seduce you! In the two months of July and August, grapefruits are harvested and transferred to all regions of the country. Now it's often chosen as a gift to bring back from Hue!
At Thuy Bieu village, you will meet the sincere and sociable inhabitants who are ready to invite you a glass of water and show you around their house. They are almost not commercial and it's their simplicity makes us comfortable! This village deserves to be an ideal place to integrate with the local life of the inhabitants in Hue, and therefore Asiatica Travel recommends it to you warmly!
What to do in Thuy Bieu?
Asiatica is one of the very few agencies offering this village to tourists. We searched and found the best way to discover all the original beauty of the village. You will enjoy:
Take a bike ride or walk through the village, passing some remarkable and richly decorated communal houses, very typical garden houses in Hue and the village school.
Participate in agricultural activities such as planting vegetables. This is a good opportunity to practice to become a true Vietnamese gardener on the river.
Meet the locals and talk to them
Visit some houses making incense by hands
Relax with a foot bath in the water with medicinal plants macerate
Live in a so peaceful and authentic atmosphere