Saigon is the biggest and the busiest city in Vietnam. It is one of the must-visit destinations during your travel. In order to help you to explore Saigon in different way, we propose you an original 2-hour cyclo ride tour which crosses a dozen markets in Saigon. Local markets are the best places to see and buy the typical products whichand allow you to have a better perception about a daily life of the Saigon people.

Starting from the Nguyen Thi Nghia and Pham Ngu Lao crossroads, you will pass through several streets to discover the different markets:
- The flower market Ho Thi Ky
- The pets market
- The aluminum tool market
- The Nhat Tao Market
- The Nguyen Tri Phuong Market
- Nha Tao market, electronics area
- The fabric market
- The Chinese market
- The Tan Thanh market of motorcycle accessories
 You will then make a stop to visit the Quan Am pagoda before continuing your cyclo-ride to the other markets: 
- The aquarium fish market
- The fabric market - Dong Khanh shopping center
- The packaging market
- The market Tran Chanh Chieu
The second stop will be at the Binh Tay market, which is one of the biggest markets in Saigon and you are able to know how the life of the inhabitants of Saigon takes place. 
 Drivers will then take you to the other markets:
- The Kim Bien Market
- The household tools market
- The Traditional Medicine Market
You will end this tour by visiting the Thien Hau pagoda, the oldest Chinese pagoda in Saigon, with a typical Chinese architecture. 
There are 5 good reasons not to miss this excursion: 
1. Authentic discovery of the daily life of the inhabitants
2. Have a comprehensive view of the economic heart of the city
3. Immersion in Saigon from an original point of view
4. Unique cycling experience
5. Visit of the most important places in Saigon with less effort.
It sounds interesting, isn’t it. Get on the cyclo and enjoy it as a Saigonian!