Komodo island offers incomparable hiking opportunities, with its exceptional terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Its marine ecosystem is so rich that it has been declared a protected biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Encountering the world'slargest varan

The emblematic varan of Komodo has become its emblem. This dinosaur, which can exceed 3 meters in length and 120 kilograms, is the reason for all travel to the Flores Islands archipelago. Visiting Indonesia without seeing a Komodo dragon would be an incomplete journey.

Leave for a 3 days and 2 nights excursion for a historical but also natural encounter. Indeed, from island to island, you will land on paradisiacal deserted beaches and will be able to dive on the shore as from the boat.


·         In the Komodo National Park, you can see lizards, deer, macaques, water buffaloes, wild horses...

·         An exceptionally rich seabed

·         Islands without any tourists

For which kind of traveller?

For all travellers. However, it is mandatory to go to a park with a guide for security reasons. Never go to meet the Komodo lizards without the accompaniment of a professional. Attacks are very rare and all of them occur during a visit without a guide.

During which part of your trip?

At any time of the trip and why not also stop on the Gili Islands (located between Flores and Bali) to enjoy the fine sandy beaches.

Good to know

Thanks to its highly developed olfactory system, the Komodo dragon can detect game miles away (its tongue is used as a radar, it is constantly out). Its tail and claws are formidable weapons, and its dissociable jaws, comprising 26 serrated teeth (like a T-Rex) allow it to swallow huge prey.



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