Explore the island's stunning, unspoiled countryside in a Jeep Volkswagen Safari convertible. Drive through picturesque Balinese villages and rice fields, visit a thousand-year-old temple and enjoy lunch in a local Balinese house.


A unique, old-fashioned exploration

Visiting Bali in a VW convertible is a way to discover the island in a different way. Go and discover small villages and its inhabitants, spared by mass tourism. Against the backdrop of the island's splendid setting: rice terraces, tropical jungles or majestic mountains.

This journey to the east of the island, will take you on roads towards Kunglung, Sidemen, the water palace of TirtaGangga (sister of the Taman Ujung temple) is a popular destination east of Bali. With many prolific structures, a breathtaking garden and a pond full of live fish, it is a brilliant place to visit to immerse yourself in the Balinese culture, beauty and ceremonies, from where you can leave with a purified soul.

You will feel the fresh air and experience something that most tourists don't do, through muddy tracks during the rainy season, your photos will be unique and a coffee break in the jungles will be on the program.


- Exploring the Bali countryside

- Discover the maximum number of attractions in a single vehicle

- Itinerary designed for this car

For whatkind of traveller?

For all travellers.

During which part of your trip?

At any time during the trip. The ideal is to leave early in the morning in order to explore as many places reserved for the locals as possible throughout the day.

Good to know

The most memorable rice fields and landscapes of Bali are in the East. Around Sidemen and TirtaGangaa, there is no shortage of walks through lush green hills and valleys.

Klungkung Town (Semarapura) is home to the remains of an abandoned palace when the king, his family, and his court committed ritual suicide rather than surrender to the Dutch in 1908.







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