The first step to forget nothing is to establish a list of everything that you must carry in your bag: clothes, underwear, shoes, important documents, camera, chargers, toiletry kit, medicine kit and a good book for hours waiting at the airport.
We advise you to adjust the contents of your luggage according to the season and regions you'll find yourself in. It is also useful to adapt the luggage according to the activities that you intend to do.



• If you go in winter: Typical packing lists should include a camera, a guidebook, sunglasses, suncream, mosquito repellent, warm clothing, a warm coat, an umbrella (or raincoat), shoes, comfortable walking shoes, a swimsuit and medicines. Of course, never forget your passport, tickets, credit cards; travelers’ checks and other required travel documents.
• If you go in summer: just remove warm clothes and add to the above list with light clothing, sandals and hat.
In general, it is advisable to bring comfortable clothes and good shoes. While it is easy to buy clothes in large cities, find new shoes can be a headache especially if your size exceeds 37.


What to pack to Vietnam


As for shoes, plan 3 pairs, one for walking, one for the beach and one for evenings. Sandals or shoes should be easy to remove (useful for repeated visits to temples and pagodas).




Also do not forget a small first aid kit with:
- Medications you usually take.
- For minor injuries: antiseptic, gauze, bandage, Plaster, sterile needle, safety pin.
- For burns: fat dressings and soothing ointment.
- Some special bandages for blisters.
- Insect repellent spray directly on skin or clothing to impregnate.
- Ointment for the relief of insect bites.
- Micropur Tablets to purify water is not potable.
- Soap-free water for washing hands (gel).
- Medication against motion sickness.



In Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, you may be exposed to different diseases. We recommend that you consult your physician for the following treatments: 
- For intestinal trouble: anti-diarrheal and rehydrating, anti-emetic, antispasmodic.
- Antibiotics to be used and doses prescribed 
- For allergies: an antihistamine.
- For pain and fever: paracetamol or aspirin.



Before your departure, leave a phone number and address so that we can reach you. If you carry cell phones, check with your operator that your line has been opened to the world. Also consider all the chargers necessary for your electrical appliances and a universal adapter just in case.
Also remember to send to your e-mail a copy of your passport and make a list of emergency numbers.

 Remember to take with you your ID card, passport and / or your driving license, and their copies. Store them in two different places in case one would disappear. Remember to keep your credit card, all your tickets and visa approval letter with you and not in the bag!

Packing Tips:
- Remember to bring a plastic bag for dirty clothes.
- To ensure that your clothes won’t get too wrinkled in your suitcase, roll them up and fill the gaps so that they do not move too much. For pants and skirts, place them flat on the bottom of your suitcase, trying not to fold.
- Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are humid countries so store your paper, film, medicine, etc. carefully 
- Finally, secure your luggage with padlocks.


Tips for dressing:
• On the beaches: no nudity.
• To visit the pagodas: it is recommended to cover your legs and shoulders (sometimes you have to remove your shoes before entering).
• The dress code is free during the day. You will not be judged, just be aware that during summer days the sun is very strong. So if you wear short clothes, remember to apply plenty of sun cream and wear a hat to avoid sunburn.
• On the contrary, winter in the north is quite cold especially in mountainous areas, so wear warm clothes (sweater & light jacket). If during the same trip you go to the south, bring along light clothing also: T-shirts, blouses, slacks, etc