- Nasi Goring 

In addition to the colour of the fried rice grains, Nasi goring also fascinates visitors with a variety of side dishes such as raw vegetables, sauces, eggs, shrimps, cabbage, traditional meat. In particular, the Nasi goring fried rice is very sour and spicy because it is fried with tamarind and chili.

- BabiGuling

Originally from the beautiful island of Bali, this speciality is made from roasted suckling pig and rice. Once the pork is roasted, crispy and fragrant, the chef or vendor cuts it into bite-size pieces, mixed with rice, shallots, garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper, herbs, galangal, chili, lemongrass, then continues to roast it on the fire for 5 hours, so that the sweetness, aroma of the meat and spices are absorbed by the rice. The highlight of the dish is the crisp, golden pork skin that is placed on the plate as a decoration.

- NasiKuning

Kuning is a dish made from a special kind of golden rice often used by the Balinese for celebrations and sacrifices. After being skillfully cooked with coconut milk, chicken broth and aromatic spices, the rice is moulded like a small dome. NasiKuning is usually served in a large plate and arranged fairly harmoniously according to the proportion of meat, eggs, fish, vegetables. Thus, at first glance, the dish looks like a lively and full of life image.

- NasiUduk

Also known as coconut rice pudding, this name comes from the processing of the dish. In addition to the special aroma of rice cooked in coconut milk, the NasiUduk invites visitors with a series of other side dishes such as spicy meat, fish, chicken, boiled eggs, chili sauce and rice chips. The indispensable spice of Indonesian rice dishes is mixed with fried onions.

- Tempeh

Tempeh is a cake made of fermented soybean flour and rice, usually fried and dark grey in colour, served fresh or frozen. In addition to the traditional Tempeh, to meet the taste of the visitors, the seller has also modified this dish to the taste of Westerners such as Tempeh Burgers, Tempeh with salads and tomatoes.

- Satay

A dish that tourists can find everywhere in Indonesia. The meat used in this dish is usually beef or chicken. In particular, the slaughtering process of the animals is carried out according to the Halal standard.

- Beef and sambal yield

Rendang is a dish derived from the Minangkabau ethnic group in Indonesia. This dish quickly became a world famous dish.

- Fried noodles from Java

Fried noodles are the favorite food of Indonesians. In general, noodles are made from grains grown in Indonesia such as rice, sticky rice, green beans, soybeans, etc. Noodles are soft and strong, impregnated with stir-fry flavours with typical vegetables and fruits.