- Aircraft and Commercial Airlines = 22 airlines with an Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

- National airline: Garuda Airlines

- Largest low-cost airline: Lion Air

- Main airport = Denpasar (DPS)

- Bali = No direct flights from Europe

- Flight from Paris: 16h30 flight to Denpasar with stopover (in Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok), 18h flight to Jakarta with stopover (in Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok).


In Indonesia, people drive on the right side of the road. The road networks of large islands such as Java, Bali and Sumatra are well developed. You will be able to drive a motorcycle with an international license. However, in other small islands, the road network is still underdeveloped and you will have to use the local tuktuk.

- On 2 wheels: vespa, scooter...

- On 3 wheels: bemos: these are traditional means of transport that you will encounter during your trip in Indonesia. These mini-buses travel short distances in the city, so ask carefully for the price before boarding.

- On 3 wheels: Becak: This is the name of a tricycle used in Indonesia since 1936. Today, it is very popular in the streets, both for locals and tourists.

- Mixed, Dokar&Delman

- The train: The only rail carrier in Indonesia is PT KeretaApi

- Bus: Bus fares are low and fairly stable. Large buses and air-conditioned buses are more expensive than regular buses, which is useful for travel in and around major cities, but often delayed due to frequent traffic jams, especially during rush hours.

- Taxi: Taxi systems are quite popular in towns and villages, so it is easy to get around with this vehicle. River taxis are also available in large cities.


- A cruise in the Indonesian seas is a unique experience in the world. Travellers will have the choice between several cruises.

In an archipelago as large as Indonesia, water transportation is extremely important. Among the hundreds of ports of different capacities and services, the four largest are Jakarta, Surabaya, Belawan and Ujung Pandang. In addition to handling export and import cargo traffic, Indonesia also provides domestic water transport. There are several ferry services between the main islands.

PELNI offers a multi-port service, with ferries stopping several times between the ports of departure and destination, while ASDP offers services from one port to another on a one-way or round trip basis. ASDP Ferries carries passengers and vehicles between islands, while only certain PELNI routes carry vehicles.